Project Outline

This work “Mecha-Ude” is an original animation project created by animation creator Okamoto along with her small group of production team members. Our goal of this project is to welcome more experienced staff members to build a bigger production team so that we can create an even more better project and in order to do so, we need every one of your support!

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<パイロットエピソード あらすじ>


小難しいことが苦手なアキは、街に潜むメカウデ使いを片っぱしから尋問する手段を選ぶ。うんざりするヒカルとアルマを連れて アキは今夜も強引な捜査に出発する。


Hero was a junior high schooler living an ordinary life.

One day, he meets a very strong and intelligent mechanical arm named “Mecha-ude”.

After a strange turn of events, the “Mecha-ude” started living inside Hero’s hoodie and the two’s life full of trouble begins.

As the boy and his Mecha-ude fights together and strengthen their bonds, the two also meets new friends who also fights along with each of their own unique Mecha-due partners. Out of those, one of the heroine has two Mecha-ude which appears out of her skirt. An active girl with a totally opposite characteristics from hero himself, he gradually becomes attracted to her. But the two are confronted with other Mecha-ude users who are in search of the secret of Mecha-ude relentlessly.

In this work, an anima-machine named Mecha-ude with self-awareness appears. Even though they look inorganic in nature, they all show or express their own feelings and opinions. They can feel angry, sad, and even encouraged to fight against enemies. It's a story about teenagers who lack of communication live, fight, and grow together with Mecha-udes. But how are they going to communicate with Mecha-udes which come from a whole different world?


MECHA-UDE'S Director


2012年 自主制作アニメ「11:08」を初作品として公開しYoutubeにて70万再生を獲得。これをきっかけにスシポリスの美術監督など様々な商業案件にて活動を開始。
福岡のクリエイティブチーム ”TriFスタジオ” に所属。 

Normally, it takes many staffs to complete an anime project but that's not the case for her. She used to do that all by herself from her years as just a student so she is extraordinary talented with full of skills and also holds many years of field experiences as a production staff.

Japan is filled with talented animation creators. However, it's also very difficult for young creators to create a full scale project even with a strong passion or even strong and talented skills. Okamoto was also one of them who wanted to perfect her project even more but her limit of budget limited her to do so. Her passion towards her project grows stronger day by day but this limitation puts her to a stop from completing her project. We thought that Kickstarter can actually create an anime production style that can break through the limit so that's why we decided to launch this project.